As the festive season approaches in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic businesses have been exploring ways to keep their business afloat and relevant. In our holiday mini-blog series, we will be exploring ways in which social media can be engaged to keep the lights on and take your business to the next level. 

mobile communication into instant cash 

 SMS, Whatsapp, Email, and Direct Messages are all forms of mobile communication that can be turned into instant cash.


This is a quick way to get info to customers and or simply promote a product or service that you offer.


WhatsApp is another way that businesses currently keep in contact with customers. With its new feature where businesses can set up catalogs as they would on Instagram and Facebook, customers can see all that your business has to offer. 

Direct selling 

Direct selling is the selling of products directly to consumers in a non-retail environment such as on Facebook in groups aligned with the customer’s interest. 

4 ways you can collect payments instantly

SMS link 

Payments can be collected through a one time link via SMS, directing customers to a payment gateway. 

Link in WhatsApp 

The link as previously mentioned can also be sent through WhatsApp for customers to finalize their purchase.

Email invoice 

This is one of the most popular ways in which businesses collect payments, especially those with a B2B model. An invoice is sent via email and customers are given various payment options that are accepted by that business. 

Direct messaging to an app or product 

Direct messaging (DM)  has gotten very popular with social selling. Businesses are now able to send a web link via DM which redirects the customer to a particular product or payment apps such as Zelle and cash app. 

Social selling allows businesses to collect payments in a number of ways, whether through links or email invoicing. These payment options make it less difficult to operate an online business. To learn more about how you can collect payments without the hassle, contact us at