About Us

Find out about our mission, services and executives.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with innovative technology solutions that connect them with customers to activate sales anywhere, anytime. Allowing them to:

Sell products and services online

Accept payments in a variety of ways

Automatically re-marketing to customers

Drivie new leads to business locations

Our Mission
What we offer


We are so excited and proud of our services, as they continue to deliver great results for our clients. We specialize in:

Online Sales Strategy

Sales Force Website & Apps

E-Commerce Payment Processing

Sms & Email Automation

Software Integration

Sales Campaigns & Promotions


Who We Are

Meet the team that has made it all possible.

Neil Patrick
Neil Patrick CHAIRMAN

Leighton Campbell
Leighton Campbell C.E.O.

Tyrone Wilson
Tyrone Wilson DIRECTOR

Raamkanna Saranathan
Raamkanna Saranathan PRESIDENT