There’s so much s to learn in the world of e-commerce, especially when  taking  your online business to the next level. And like any other business owner, we tend to ask ourselves the most common question…’why?’ When is it  time to invest in an e-commerce strategy and website? In our series ‘Demystifying E-commerce’ we will help you to answer those and other questions about e-commerce strategies, to help you move your business online and increase your reach and revenue.

 In our previous article we shared some common reasons  why some websites don’t sell, you can read that article here. This article we will explore some websites that sell the most online and a few tips from them, to boost your online sales. 

Good performing websites 

Online marketplace or auction sites are e-commerce websites that facilitate the selling and trading of goods. Websites such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy are popular marketplaces and auctioning sites that have stamped their mark in the world of e-commerce. 

Amazon is an online marketplace with over 2.5 million active sellers that makes, with 25,000 of those sellers making over a million dollar in sales per year. This marketplace allows for businesses to open virtual storefronts and sell their products and has maintained its position as a top e-commerce site. 

Ebay is an auctioning site and owner of PayPal payment services and the Magento on-premise ecommerce platform solution. With over 182 million users worldwide ebay is popular for the trading of electronics and sale of beauty items and fashion steals, with 11% of users also exploring the category of automotive.

Etsy is an online marketplace and home to over 60 million products, with its 2019 revenue standing at 818.79 million. It is also the marketplace where many creatives such as designers and artisans offer their goods and or services.

  1. High  quality product images 

Our perception of many things is based on its appearance, whether it is food, clothing or vehicles. Investing in quality product images and having a range of angles of the product will help to convince customers your product or service is the right purchase to market. 

  1. Search engine optimization (seo)

This is simply optimizing your website so that it receives organic traffic from search engines such as google. Having highly searched keywords and content with popular topics  can give your website an increased advantage to be discovered and shared with users interested in a product or service that you offer. 

  1. Keep campaign messaging consistent across platforms and website 

Have you ever clicked on an advertisement and the landing page has a completely different product  and simply does not correlate with the ad? Nobody likes that.  Ensure your messaging is cohesive and the message and the advertisement or campaign that you share on your platforms and website is consistent.

  1. Leave no question unanswered

Make no assumptions that your customers know more about the product or service than you have shared on your website. Never think you are bombarding customers with too much information.  The more objections or questions you can answer with information on your website,  the easier and faster the sale takes place.

  1. Boost engagement on all platforms 

 Boost your company’s engagement on all of its  social media platforms to generate organic traffic to your e-commerce store. Content is king! Share content that customers find engaging such as product videos can generate significant leads and ultimately sales. 


We have been sharing quite a lot about websites in our articles and we hope you have garnered some knowledge on how to improve your current website.  Mobile EDGE Solutions is always here to help. Have questions about how you can turn your website into a high-converting e-commerce store, book a consultation with one of our Sales Executives here