Customer Acquistion

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Mobile Marketing
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SKILLS REQUIRED: Campaign Design| Process Optimization| System Management|

The campaign was designed to integrate mobile marketing with their traditional marketing execution to increase interactivity, measurability and conversion. An SMS Marketing Campaign was setup to advertise the product offerings to their existing customers and a text back number was integrated within traditional communication channels to reach new customers. In all communication channels, individuals were instructed to text a customized keyword to an already setup text number to get more information.

The Result
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The client was overwhelmed by the number of responses they received, as from the mobile campaign alone, they received over 2000 requests for more information within a week. As they continued to communicate the benefits of the new product through other channels they were able to interact directly with their potential customers while expanding their database of contacts; as each received text message captured the customer’s contact information. They were also able to measure the effectiveness of each communication channel by using a unique keyword per channel and were able to focus their resources on the channels that yielded the highest results. At the end of the campaign we were contractually employed to execute these types of campaigns on a continuous basis and have been doing so for the last 5 years.

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