Customer Service

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Customer service 3
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PRESCRIBED SOLUTION: Customer Feedback System


SKILLS REQUIRED: Process Optimization| System Design| Solution Support

A customer feedback system was designed and setup to allow customers to freely and independently provide feedback about the service received by the company’s customer service agents. Whenever customers interacted with the company’s agents they were instructed to text the keyword RATE followed by a service rating of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, to the feedback center number. There were also printed signs on display in the customer waiting area, encouraging customers to offer their service rating.

The Result
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The client was surprised at the feedback rate as they started the project expecting 10% of their customers to respond with their feedback. Instead they were getting feedback from approximately 40% of the customers they interacted with on a daily basis. Upon receiving the customer’s feedback, the system generated a pie chart of results displaying a real time tally of all entries received; which allowed the service manager to know exactly what customer thought about their service. All persons who rated their service below 7 were contacted to find out what their grouse was and their recommendation for improvement. The customer feedback system became an integral part of maintaining high customer experience standards within the company.

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