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[cms_separator separator_border_color=”#3cbaea” separator_width=”30″ cms_template=”cms_separator–layout3.php”][cms_dropcap dropcap_content=”Jamaica’s leading auto parts company wanted to boost their sales conversions by enabling increased customer access and convenience to inquire about its products and services. Their business was good but they were losing sales because of their inability to effectively handle customer queries; which was mainly about product price and availability. As such they needed a solution to streamline customer queries in a way that they could efficiently manage the process with their existing resources.” border_color=”#3cbaea” bg_color=”#3cbaea” text_color=”#ffffff”]
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SKILLS REQUIRED: Process Optimization| System Design| Solution Support

A customer messaging center was designed to handle inbound customer queries and response within 1-5 minutes of receiving messages. The client already had a small call center to handle customer queries via telephone calls, but were receiving more calls than they could service. The system was designed to allow all sales agents access to the same window of inbound messages, without allowing more than 1 agent to access the same customer query at a time. So in a nutshell the same persons who would respond to customer queries on the phone would respond to customer messages.

The Result
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They were able to convert up to 30% of their inbound call traffic to text messages, which allowed customers to be serviced in a more efficient way. They also converted more sales because they lost fewer customers to missed calls. Customers were quicker to contact them as opposed to their competitors because it cost them less to get the information they needed. They were able to better measure their services standards with quantifiable records of response times and quality.

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