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With increases in market competition, industry diversification and tighter personal budgets, SMEs need to connect and communicate with their market segments in a more versatile and efficient way to compete with industry leaders. An interactive business website affords the opportunity to effectively engage your customers to increase sales conversions. However, even when wonderfully designed, an interactive website is only one part of the solution.

To deliver true results, any great website or company need strategic marketing to drive business transactions from your website. Add our specialists to your sales and marketing team to power your business, by supporting your business with top notch mobile marketing and sales techniques to drive sales through your website.


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what we offer

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our process

[cms_separator separator_border_color=”#c5c5c5″ separator_width=”140px” separator_height=”2px” separator_align=”separator-center” cms_template=”cms_separator–layout4.php”][cms_process process_title_heading=”h6″ process_title1=”Evaluation” process_description1=”A business development approach is taken towards realizing your goals; as such we first assess your business position & objectives. Upon assessment, together we can plan, implement and measure campaigns across channels to maximize ROI.” image1=”6664″ cms_template=”cms_process–layout2.php” process_title2=”Strategic Planning” image2=”6665″ process_title3=”Create To Connect” process_description3=”We handle complete structuring, creation, content development and management of your digital marketing channels. Mobile EDGE is committed to helping you to build a connected brand while achieving your business goals and objectives. ” image3=”6666″ process_title4=”Execute & Measure” image4=”6667″ process_description2=”Upon evaluation, we create a cutting EDGE and interactive plan designed not only based on our deep knowledge of each communication channel, but also on your overall business strategy and existing traditional media execution. ” process_description4=”By executing integrated strategies in mobile, email, content and social media marketing; Mobile EDGE offers its clients a more dynamic approach to increasing its brand engagement and sales conversions with their intended target market. “]

clients on the edge

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