Customer Growth

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database building 2
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PRESCRIBED SOLUTION: Text-To-Win Campaign Design & Management


SKILLS REQUIRED: Competition Design| Management| Tracking| Reporting| Winner Selection

A national text-to-win campaign was executed to allow individuals to enter a competition by removing a coupon from the product packaging and texting in the coupon code for a chance to win weekly giveaways and a grand prize. Persons would enter by texting a designated keyword followed by the coupon code to a mobile number already setup to receive all entries.

The Result
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The campaign was scheduled to run for 12 weeks and was extended to 16 weeks due to its overwhelming response.  Over this period we received approximately 250,000 entries with approximately 35,000 unique entrants. We were able to execute a centralized campaign where data was easily converted to meaning full information and was way less hassling than traditional coupon competitions. After running two of these competitions within a 1 year period we managed to grow their database by over 1500%. This proved very valuable to the client as the size of their database represented 33% of their estimated target market; which meant that they then had direct access to one third of their market to activate sales.

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